Spring/ Summer 2018 Update

Last summer’s Oceanfront Park Outreach was a great success with over 1,000 participants taking part in the online survey, not to mention the hundreds who visited our pop up locations at various events throughout the summer. The original Oceanfront Park design (by landscape architect PWL in 2011) is being further refined with the survey answers provided and consultation with the community user groups. This work is being undertaken by coastal engineers Anchor QEA, The District of Squamish and Newport Beach Developments. Stay tuned for draft plans to be shared with the community.

Construction of the Oceanfront Park will require an enormous amount of fill, which will be used to shape the park, provide flood protection and help meet the Ministry of Environment’s requirements for environmental protection. In anticipation of the large volumes of fill that will be received, construction of a “barge ramp” is commencing in order to help facilitate delivery of the fill. The proposed location of the barge ramp is to the north of the existing salt docks on the east side of the Mamquam Blind channel. The ramp will allow greater volumes of fill to be delivered and stockpiled for use in the park construction and will help minimize construction traffic along Loggers Lane.

Considerations will be made to enable public access to the beaches and trails for as long as possible, while also ensuring public safety. Whenever possible alternatives will be provided to the public, if a temporary closure needs to occur, this will be communicated in advance of the closure.

The next steps of the Oceanfront build are starting to unfold and we are excited about bringing this to fruition.