Oceanfront Wharf Decommissioning

Commencing Week of April 29, 2019

Squamish, BC, April 24, 2019 – In preparation for the construction of the Oceanfront Park, Newport Beach Developments LP will be initiating in-water works to demolish all derelict wharf structures, and at the same time remove all dolphins ( A dolphin is a man-made marine structure that extends above the water level and is not connected to shore. ) and pilings.  These works will commence in April and last an estimated 8 weeks.

All necessary government permits have been obtained and approval awarded in relation to the work being done. An environmental monitoring program has been secured to ensure best practices when working in fish habitat. The current marine environment surrounding the wharf hosts limited vegetation and is considered low productivity fish habitat.

The wharf, dolphins and pilings have not served a purpose for many years on the waterfront and their removal will allow for greater ease navigating the area as well as enhance public safety and human health. 

As a result of this decommissioning there will be increased construction activity onsite and in the water.  The public is advised to be mindful of these activities when recreating on or around the Oceanfront especially with children and or dogs. Please pay particular attention to onsite signage as access to the public may change.

Newport Beach Developments LP is motivated to start construction on the Oceanfront and will endeavour to keep the community up to date with all activities as they progress.

Should you have any questions or require further information please reach out to:

Dave Marrow at dmarrow@squamish.ca

Kristen Gauley at kgauley@cornerstonedevelopments.ca