Oceanfront Parking Weekend Closures Update


April 17, 2020


RE: Oceanfront Squamish SARS-CoV-2 Response


As a local company, whose employees all reside in Squamish, Matthews West Ltd. understands both the role and importance the Squamish Oceanfront plays in the community. It is where we walk our dogs; observe the Sound; find reprieve in our day to day; and, up until recently, where we gathered with friends.


We know, in time, this will be true again.


For now, we cannot stress the importance that any and all visitors to the Oceanfront Park and Loop strictly follow the social distancing guidelines as detailed by the province of British Columbia.


We are anticipating an influx of visitors to Squamish the next number of weekends, and while our community is generally quite welcoming, we must request visitors to Squamish and the Oceanfront visit at a later date.


In an attempt to mitigate this influx and for the safety of our community, we will take the precautionary measure of restricting vehicular access to the Oceanfront Park by closing the gate on the access road from Friday evenings to Monday mornings. Additionally, any vehicles parking outside of the gate, along the access road will be towed. We hope this will deter non-local visitors.


We will continue to monitor the use of the Oceanfront Park System. In order to keep this amenity open and accessible to locals and visitors alike, we MUST act appropriately and within the guidance set out by the province of British Columbia.


We understand that our outdoor activities are becoming further restricted through the closures of all neighbourhood and provincial parks, but if the Oceanfront Park System becomes a place of transmission, we will close access to this area until a time when it is safe again for the general public.


We must be diligent about our actions to ensure we keep our community safe. Squamish must work together to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Through these proactive measures, let’s keep access to the Squamish Oceanfront.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation, action, and understanding.


In solidarity,

The Matthews West Team