June 2016 Update

Engineering Update

June 2016


Construction has started! May has been a busy month at the Oceanfront. We’re happy to report that we’ve broken ground and site preparation for the construction of the new Office building on Lot 4 has commenced. This includes the site clearing and grubbing of Lot 3 and 4. We’ve also started to receive fill from construction sites around the lower mainland, that we are stockpiling for future construction works.

Ongoing environmental monitoring continues. The foreshore design is underway for Lot 3 and 4. The cross section of the main road is being finalized and detailed design will soon follow.

Site Update

Cascade Environmental has been on site completing bird nesting and invasive species surveys, flagging off buffer zones for onsite personnel to be wary of. Invasive species are stockpiled separately and are disposed of directly at Carney’s.

Fill Management

As of May 12th, 612 m3 of fill has been placed on the site. The fill is being separated between organics and structural fill. Currently, we are sorcing structural fill for the construction of the Office building. We’re contemplating utilizing a barge to deliver fill to the site as we believe it would be the most efficient way to accept fill on site during the pink salmon migration window.


As mentioned previously, Cascade Environmental is responsible for completing the environmental monitoring of the construction works. This currently includes the bird nesting surveys, water quality monitoring and invasive species identification. These works are subject to change with the seasons and are important to do to ensure we adhere to the Sub Area Plan agreement and honor the Site Alteration Permit. Monthly reporting will be completed by Cascade.


Geopacific is in charge of monitoring the construction activities and the grade of the fill that is being received on site to ensure it is suitable for construction activities. They are also inspecting the compaction works for future building purposes.

Furthermore, Geopacific is concurrently working on the design for the foreshore on the east side of Lots 3 and 4, bordering the Cattermole Slough. We are striving to follow the Green Shores Guideline principals for habitat rehabilitation.






Construction of the office building on Lot 4 is scheduled to commence in early 2017 after the site has been preloaded and properly prepared. In conjunction with this, the BC Rail buildings, as well as the blue barn, will be moved to the western side of Lot 4 to house Carbon Engineering’s new plant. Once the remaining buffer zones are resurveyed, grubbing and site clearing will continue further south on Lot 4.

Fill and site prep for lots 3 and 4 will take the remainder of 2016.

Planning Update

June 2016


Planning has been busy finalizing the first major development at Newport Beach, the Green Technology Centre. We are presently finalizing the Development Permit for submission. The Green Technology Centre includes both the Green Technology Office Building and the Research and Development (R&D) Facility. The AKA Architecture team have finalized the design for the buildings and PWL Landscape Architects Inc. is helping make the Site Plans come to life. Although the Oceanfront Sub Area Plan anticipated a number of potential development scenarios some small changes are required. The Green Tech Centre requires a variance to increase the height of the building from 3 storeys to 4 as well as a reduction in the setback from the street to enhance the pedestrian interface. Additionally, the R & D Facility will require a Sub Area Plan/Zoning Amendment to add Research and Development as a permitted use. The Centre will provide opportunities for new employers to set up shop in Squamish and existing businesses to expand and create more jobs. It is an exciting first chapter in the development of Newport Beach.Buildings_GE_web

Green Tech Centre

The Green Tech Centre will be a four-story concrete and glass building over an underground parking structure. The 138,000 sq.ft. building will be home to offices and laboratories fundamental to the Green Technology Centre. Wood is featured at the soffits on the street level canopies as well as the uppermost roof. The ground floor features a mix of open and inviting commercial/flex use units while the upper stories of the building provide office space and a green roof top/deck. Glass curtain walls provide an efficient and flexible facade treatment that can be adjusted to suit future tenants. The building also integrates a passive cooling system through a chimney-like atrium with north facing exhaust openings. Prevailing winds will create suction to draw air through the atrium chimney resulting in a cooling effect for the occupants.






Research and Development Facility

The research and development facility will be home to the new Carbon Engineering Pilot Plant that will be larger and more advanced than the existing facility presently found on the Newport Beach lands. In addition to the current home of CE (the Blue Barn), three additional buildings currently found at Newport Beach will be moved and re-aligned. The facades of the existing buildings will be revitalized by embracing bold and lively graphics at public interfaces and incorporate company graphics and more subdued colours where the buildings face the pubic road or internal courtyard.



Landscape DesignLandscapePlan_Screengrab_web

Landscaping throughout the site echoes the sustainability mandate of both buildings. Tree lined boulevards and greenways will connect the buildings and create inviting spaces. Rain gardens are featured on both sites and the Green Tech Centre goes one step further with the integration of a Green Roof to assist in storm water retention. The site plan also features the updated road alignments for the site which were approved following a design charrette between Newport Beach Staff, ISL Engineering, PWL and AKA. The streets include bike paths, traffic calming bump outs and on-street parking.

University Update

June 2016


Newport is currently furthering our discussion with UBC’s Clean Energy Research Center to see how we can work together to apply for funding for specific projects. We are also looking to corporate sponsors for some of the initial phase initiatives. Newport is in the midst of conversations with a number of other educational institutions that we hope to get involved with the education and research center when the timing and fit are right. Newport is continuing to work with appropriately themed companies to be a part of the business park.