Building A Road

Temporary Road Construction on Galbraith


Road Information

After a summer of site preparation and the construction of a temporary road to the Oceanfront, we are pleased to announce it will be opening soon.

October 4th through 6th we will be diverting traffic from the existing alignment down Galbraith Rd. onto a portion of the temporary road. Once the temporary road is complete on October 7th it will be the main thoroughfare to the Oceanfront and Newport Beach.  The temporary road will allow for further construction to continue on Galbraith Rd with the least amount of disturbance.

Working together with our construction and engineering teams we have devised a plan that will allow minimal disruption to public access at the Oceanfront.

The map below delineates the the new alignment of the temporary road.

Connectivity and Trail Map Sept2017

Trail Information

In terms of trail disruption and connectivity, we anticipate a closure on the Oceanfront loop trail from October 10th-15th. At this time the fences will  be re positioned to allow for undisturbed access to the trail in the future. During the period of October 10th-15th if you wish to walk on a portion of the Oceanfront loop trail ,it is recommended to park at Newport Beach and access the trail from this point.


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