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Oceanfront Parking Weekend Closures Update

PRESS RELEASE April 17, 2020   RE: Oceanfront Squamish SARS-CoV-2 Response   As a local company, whose employees all reside in Squamish, Matthews West Ltd. understands both the role and importance the Squamish Oceanfront plays in the community. It is where we walk our dogs; observe the Sound; find reprieve in our day to day; […]

Construction on the Cattermole Slough

Starting August 6th you may notice some construction works in the area of the Cattermole Slough. PW Trenchless Construction Inc. has been retained to connect the watermain from Third Avenue to the Oceanfront Peninsula to service the Oceanfront development. Constructoin is expected to take place from August 6th until September 13th. As a result of […]

Oceanfront Trail Temporary Redirection June 17th

On Monday June 17, 2019 the Oceanfront Trail will be redirected on the the Cattermole Slough. A large crane and machinery will be working to remove the remaining creosote pilings. A 150 ft buffer from the work area will be in place to ensure the safety of the workers and the public. The work is […]

Restricted Public Access and Beach Closures

Oceanfront Public Access Restrictions and Closures May 28-31 2019 The last sections of the wharf structures at the Oceanfront are in the process of being decommissioned, May 28-31 2019. This work involves complex rigging and deconstruction of large old timbers, concrete blocks and steel framing. Safety of the workers and the public is of the […]

Wharf Demolition Safety

As the wharf demolition continues on the Squamish Oceanfront you may notice a few safety measures being implemented to ensure the safety of the public and the workers throughout the demolition process. Please take the time to read the following information and familiarize yourself with the areas under construction before heading down to the beach. […]

Oceanfront Wharf Decommissioning

Commencing Week of April 29, 2019 Squamish, BC, April 24, 2019 – In preparation for the construction of the Oceanfront Park, Newport Beach Developments LP will be initiating in-water works to demolish all derelict wharf structures, and at the same time remove all dolphins ( A dolphin is a man-made marine structure that extends above the […]

We Are At It Again

We will be actively working on the Oceanfront starting March 18th! The Squamish Oceanfront Development is in the process of further environmental site investigation on the Northern portion of the Oceanfront lands, to ensure compliance with new provincial environmental standards. The public can expect to see some drillers and machinery on site. The Cattermole Walking […]

Road Work Oct 10th-19th

Temporary road work will be taking place on the Oceanfront road where Loggers Lane meets Galbraith Rd. You may experience single lane alternating traffic from time to time during the period of October 10th through the 19th. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation during this phase of utility construction. 

October 5th Action Starts

Site clearing at the Squamish Oceanfront Development will begin Friday, October 5 in order to facilitate environmental site investigation work on the northern portion of the Oceanfront lands, to ensure compliance with new provincial environmental standards. This area is an active construction zone and the public can expect to see drillers and machinery on site. […]